Alert for EpiPen users

If you use an Emerade pre-filled syringe there is a risk that your pen could fail to deliver the dose of adrenaline from the syringe due to blockage of the needle.

You are advised to carry two in-date pens with you at all times to reduce the risk of not being able to deliver a dose of adrenaline.

Please request two pens from your surgery if you are not already doing so and ensure that you carry them both with you at all times.

We have identified our patients who are supplied with an Emerade pen but we advise that all of our patients using EpiPens do check the brand that they are using and make sure that you:

  • Check the expiry date and replace your pen before it expires
  • Use the autoinjector at first signs of anaphylaxis
  • Call 999, ask for an ambulance and say anaphylaxis
  • Lie flat if possible with your legs up to keep your blood flowing
  • Use second pen if still unwell after 5-15 minutes

This advice comes from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).