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The Glebe Practice Saxilby site has a dispensary providing services to those patients who live more than one mile away from a commercial chemist.  Please note the dispensary is closed every day between 1pm-2pm, and every Tuesday afternoon.

Home Deliveries

We provide a home delivery service for patients who are unable to collect their repeat prescriptions due to medical circumstances or immobility. This is not an NHS service but a service provided and paid for by the practice. To use this service there must be someone at home to receive the delivery and any payments due must be made in advance. Payment cannot be accepted by the courier.

Acute Prescriptions

Acute prescriptions are issued by the doctor and are intended to be a one off issue of medication. If you are a dispensing patient the dispensary can issue this medication to you and will endeavour to provide the medicine before you leave the premises.

If you are not a dispensing patient the doctor will provide you with the paper script and you will need to take this to a chemist of your choice. The chemist will provide you with the medicine detailed on the prescription. Further issue of medicines prescribed on an acute prescription will not occur without the consent of a doctor. If after completion of the course of treatment the illness has not resolved then there is likely to be a need to revisit the doctor rather then a further issue of the medicine.

If you are unsure of what course of action to take you can leave a message for the doctor in the dispensary message book. Dispensary staff will discuss medication and ordering queries with patients on weekdays between 11:30 and 13:00.

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are issued by the doctor and are intended to be repeated on a regular basis at the doctor’s discretion. The right hand side of the prescription indicates your repeat medication and when the next review of your long term medication is due. When your medication is running low and an issue is due you can request your prescription via the following means:

The practice will endeavour to turn your request around with two working days. If your prescription has not been collected within three weeks it will no longer be available to collect and another request must be submitted.

Forms to Download

File: E:\WEBSITES\Glebe Practice\used items\Patient Access Patient information sheet.docx

File: E:\WEBSITES\Glebe Practice\used items\Patient Access Reg form 10 years and younger.docx

File: E:\WEBSITES\Glebe Practice\used items\Patient Access Reg form 11-15.docx

File: E:\WEBSITES\Glebe Practice\used items\Patient Access Reg form.docx

File: E:\WEBSITES\Glebe Practice\used items\Patient Access Reg over 16 proxy.docx

Medication Reviews

If you are taking regular repeat medication you will be asked to attend regular medication reviews. This is to ensure that your medication is still suitable and is working. The clinician can then assess any side effects, discuss any concerns that you may have and provide alternative options that may be available to you. Depending on the medication you are taking the review may involve blood pressure monitoring and/or undertaking blood tests. If you are aware that you need a blood test beforehand please make an appointment with the phlebotomist prior to your review with the nurse.

The date of your review is on your repeat prescription slip. If you notice that you are due for a medication review please make an appointment at your earliest convenience. Reviews are for your benefit and to allow us to provide the best possible treatment for your condition. If you go over the date of your review without attending the practice you may not be able to re-order your prescriptions.

Dispensing patients can now pay for their prescriptions by card as well as cash or cheque. A fee of £0.30 will be added to your bill to cover bank charges made to the practice for card use.