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Did you know you can now book your appointment online?
Please ask at reception to sign up for this service.

Book in advance appointments – These appointments are pre-bookable up to two weeks in advance and are designed for routine GP reviews.

From 1st December 2017 we are launching a new appointment system. We will no longer be offering our patients "book on the day" appointments. If you find yourself with an acute problem requiring immediate medical attention you can attend our daily walk-in clinic at the Saxilby surgery. Instead of telephoning the surgery at 8.00 am to try to obtain an appointment you can attend surgery between 8.00 and 9.30 to add your name to ...the clinic list and wait to see the allocated GP.

Acute, appropriate problems include urine infections, chest infections, sore throat, ear ache, acute/new problem, rashes, pain/infection.

Inappropriate problems include ongoing problems, repeat prescriptions, sick notes, referral queries, more than one problem, medication queries, results.

If you attend the clinic with an inappropriate problem you will be asked to make an alternative appointment.

We hope that the new system will free up pre-bookable appointments giving patients a wider variety of choice to attend the surgery with routine problems. Patients who currently struggle to get an appointment when they find themselves acutely poorly will have the opportunity to see a doctor and be treated on the same day.

Our nurses are able to treat a variety of ailments and it is often the case that an appointment with the nurse will not only be more appropriate but may also be available sooner than an appointment with a doctor. Nurse’s appointments are pre-bookable up to four weeks in advance.

Should you require advice or treatment for more than one problem, please ask for a longer appointment. Appointments should be made on an individual basis therefore please let us know if more than one person in your family needs to be seen.

If you require a chaperone during your appointment please let us know and we can arrange for someone to accompany you during an examination or private discussion.

Home Visits

Home visits are reserved for patients who are unable to attend the surgery to see a doctor due to medical or physical circumstances. If you require a visit from a doctor you must contact the reception staff before 11:00 on the same day to make the request. Receptionists have had training to assess emergencies and may give you advice on the telephone if appropriate to ensure the best care is received. Your details will be recorded in the Visit Book for the doctor to review after morning surgery.

The visits are usually batched into geographic area and take into account other commitments individual doctors may have. It is unlikely that the reception staff will be able to advise which doctor will undertake your home visit and give an exact visit time allocation however the visiting doctor may call ahead before the visit.

Any requests made after 11:00 will be assessed by the on call doctor at the Saxilby surgery. Based on individual circumstances, a visit may be carried out that same day or the following weekday.